4 Ways To Make Your Next Party Unforgettable

Whether you’re hosting a 21st, an engagement party, or a party to celebrate what a good boy your dog is; why not go all out? At Snaptured, we specialise in making your events unforgettable with our range of photo booths, light up letters, event lighting, and other special effects in Brisbane. We have everything you need to take your party to the next level, so read on for a few ideas to wow your guests and create a night to remember. …read more

Why Choose Snaptured When You Want To Hire A Photo Booth In Brisbane?

If you’re looking to hire a photo booth in Brisbane, you’ll be looking for a company with a reputation for providing a premium service and a commitment to their customers. Snaptured first began when we were planning our wedding, and we couldn’t find an affordable, high-quality all inclusive photo booth to capture the event. After a lot of frustration, disappointment, and stress, we decided to use our bad experience to create an incredible and unique business. With our background knowledge in …read more

Our Top Tips For Taking Incredible Photo Booth Photos

When you hire a photo booth on the Gold Coast, you’re going to want to make the most of it. All of your friends and family will be using it, and you’ll naturally want the most fabulous photos of your loved ones. So, how can you make sure all your photos look incredible every time? At Snaptured, we know a thing or two about using a photo booth on the Gold Coast. …read more

5 Occasions You May Need Special Effects On The Gold Coast

Anyone can put up some decorations for a party and make the room look nice, but if you want to take your guests’ breath away, you should invest in some special effects on the Gold Coast. If you’re wondering how you might incorporate special effects into your special event, the team at Snaptured have some great ideas on which special effects are best for different occasions. …read more

Why Choose Snaptured For Your Next Event In Toowoomba?

Whether you’re organising a birthday party, a wedding, a corporate event, or a spontaneous celebration, you’ll want your party to be plenty of fun for all of your guests. What better way to take your event to the next level than to include special effects like smoke machines, photo booths, and light up letters in Toowoomba! The team at Snaptured are pretty well known in the area for our party expertise, and it’s not hard to see why we’re quickly …read more

How To Choose The Right Photo Booth For Your Next Event

If you’re hosting a big event, you naturally want memories of the night captured forever. While you can always hire a photographer, they can be expensive, and you can’t always guarantee they’ll get comprehensive photos of everyone attending. Plus, pictures captured by a photographer can often look forced and staged. You want your guests to look like they’re genuinely having fun! The best way to ensure all your guests get a photo and have fun while doing it is to hire a photo booth. Snaptured is specialists …read more

6 Tricks To Make The Most Out Of Your Event Lighting

At Snaptured, we’re the experts at making your event space looking spectacular. Since 2016, we’ve been supplying south-east Queensland with a range of premium quality event equipment at affordable prices. Throughout our time in the industry, we’ve found that one of the most underrated yet effective ways to make a room look incredible is through the …read more

Why You Should Hire Light Up Letters For Your Event

When people think of equipment hire for events, they tend to think of smoke machines, lighting, or photo booths. While we do have those things here at Snaptured, we also have a fantastic party decoration that looks breathtaking in the majority of event settings. Our light up letters are a crowd favourite with our regular customers. They are simple, elegant, and …read more

The Ins and Outs Of Smoke Machines

Most people have been to an event with a smoke machine. Whether it was a primary school blue light disco, a theatre performance, or at someone’s birthday, you’ve likely been enchanted by ethereal (and sometimes spooky) effects of a smoke machine. At Snaptured, we’re proud to hire dry ice smoke machines to Aussie party and event planners for affordable …read more

How To Create An Incredible Event Space Using Special Effects

If you’re planning a big event, but you’re not sure how to set up your event space just right, don’t stress. The team at Snaptured are the experts in creating unforgettable party and event experiences, so we know a thing or two about setting up your event space to ensure it leaves your guests speechless. Since 2016, we’ve been hiring out premium-quality special effects to make your event a night to remember. Here are a few tips and …read more

5 Incredible Backdrops For Your Wedding Photo Booth

If you’re looking to hire a wedding photo booth, you’ve no doubt been doing your research and trying to find the perfect backdrop for all your photos. Snaptured have been supplying photo booths and wedding special effects to our customers in south-east Queensland since 2016. In that time, we’ve seen plenty of breathtaking photo booth backdrops that made our customers’ photos look incredible. Here are a few of our favourite wedding …read more

A Night They’ll Never Forget: How To Incorporate Indoor Fireworks Into Your Next Event

If you’re looking for a unique, extravagant way to finish off an elaborate, unforgettable event, there is no better way to do so than with indoor fireworks. The team at Snaptured are specialists in supplying state-of-the-art party special effects within south-east Queensland, so we’re the first place people go when they’re looking for indoor fireworks in Brisbane. …read more

Our smiling customers say it all

Snaptured was an incredible photo booth service for our wedding and they are also so affordable. They went above and beyond to make our night so special, and we are so grateful. Couldn’t recommend enough!

Tayla Dillon

Fantastic service!! We had a photo booth for our engagement party and it was great! The two attendants were professional and friendly, nothing was a problem for them. Fun range of props. Would definitely recommend!!

Amber Ship

Absolutely amazing addition to our wedding night! The service was exceptional, not a single fault at all, such an easy process from start to finish and the guest book they provided is amazing! 100% recommended to anyone.

Thomas Poole

Having Snaptured at your event lifts the fun game! Not only is it an awesome record of the nights fun and games, something to look back on - an actual print on the fridge and to be pinned next to your work computer. SO MUCH FUN.

Tanya Allan

The Photo Booth contributed to a fantastic celebration. Our guests were so into it and the book of snapshots we got to keep afterwards is priceless. Great service. Definitely recommend Adam and his team!

Melinda Zerner

It’s simply impossible to not have fun!?

Ready to have some fun?

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