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6 Tricks To Make The Most Out Of Your Event Lighting

At Snaptured, we’re the experts at making your event space looking spectacular. Since 2016, we’ve been supplying south-east Queensland with a range of premium quality event equipment at affordable prices. Throughout our time in the industry, we’ve found that one of the most underrated yet effective ways to make a room look incredible is through the creative use of event lighting. Some people string up the lights, turn them on, and leave it at that. However, the team at Snaptured understand there’s an art behind event lighting, so we’ve compiled a list of our six top tips for making the most of your event lighting.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Play With Colour

When you hire event lighting through Snaptured, you have the option to do warm lighting, cool lighting, or coloured lighting. Don’t shy away from coloured lighting straight away, as it could make the room look incredible.

  • Match your colour palette. If you’re hosting a wedding or a birthday party with a specific colour scheme, your event lighting can match and compliment your decorations.  
  • Promote your brand or business. Likewise, if your business has company colours, why not set up event lighting to match those colours! It’s a great way to create a cohesive corporate event. 
  • Choose your favourite colour. Who said everything had to match perfectly? If it’s your party, you can pick event lighting to match your preferences, so go crazy with it!


2. Control The Mood Of The Event With Lighting

When you rent event lighting with Snaptured, you control the ambience and the mood of the room! Try the following combinations to maintain the atmosphere of the room.

  • Warm lighting. Perfect for a wholesome, summery atmosphere and trendy for weddings. 
  • Cool lighting. If you need people to focus, make sure your event lighting is bright, making everything in the room visible. 
  • Pink lighting. If you’re going for a romantic, whimsical atmosphere, pink lighting can be an enjoyable, cute way to create a loved-up vibe in the room. 
  • Purple/blue lighting. These colours are great for helping people to relax and feel content in the space. They’re great choices if you need audiences to listen to speeches. 
  • Red lighting. Ideal for creating an atmosphere of danger or suspense. Only use red lighting if you want your guests to be on the edge of their seats. A Halloween party is the perfect occasion for red.
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3. Plan Your Lighting Before You Get It

You’ll have an idea of what you want your event space to look like before organising the hire of event lighting. Make sure to assess your venue carefully with all the lights on so you can figure out precisely what you need to hire to make your vision a reality. Planning is essential, as it’ll prevent you from going overboard when renting lights.

    4. Consider Using Uplighting

    Venue uplighting is a classic yet undervalued form of lighting. Once our customers realise the potential value of carefully placed uplighting, they tend to hire them, making it one of our most popular lighting options.

        • Drawing focus. If you want people to see your business name, logo, or read a sign, uplighting draws the eye and emphasises what you need people to see. 
        • Control the ambience. With the colour changing features of our uplighting, you can create the mood you want for your event. 
        • Create gorgeous photo opportunities. The gentle light our uplighting emits creates the ideal backdrop for some great selfies.
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    5. Custom Monograms Give A Personal Touch

    Custom monograms are a simple yet personal touch to add to your lighting plan. Snaptured will organise to have your monogram created, and you can pop it on top of lighting in whichever colour you’ve chosen. Your name, your business name, or your chosen phrase will look magical on the wall, floor, or ceiling of the venue.

      6. Ask The Experts

      If you’re ever struggling with your event lighting or planning, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask the experts at Snaptured! There are plenty of reasons people choose Snaptured as their first choice for event lighting.

          • Premium customer service. No matter what your event lighting requirements, we’re here to help you make the most of your event equipment. We want you to know that we’re always available to answer any questions you might have and assist you in any way we can. 
          • We genuinely care about your event. We’re a small business, so we can focus on you and your event. We started Snaptured to provide personalised service to Aussies planning events, and we aim to give each of our customers a memorable, positive experience.

      Contact Snaptured For All Your Event Lighting

      Since 2016, Snaptured has been supplying south-east Queenslanders with the highest-quality event equipment at the best prices. We aim to help you create a night (or day!) you’ll never forget, so we work with you to create a custom party solution that suits your needs and budget. Whether you need venue uplighting or custom monograms, Snaptured has you covered. If you’d like to hire our event lighting equipment, contact Snaptured today!

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        Snaptured was an incredible photo booth service for our wedding and they are also so affordable. They went above and beyond to make our night so special, and we are so grateful. Couldn’t recommend enough!

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        Having Snaptured at your event lifts the fun game! Not only is it an awesome record of the nights fun and games, something to look back on - an actual print on the fridge and to be pinned next to your work computer. SO MUCH FUN.

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        The Photo Booth contributed to a fantastic celebration. Our guests were so into it and the book of snapshots we got to keep afterwards is priceless. Great service. Definitely recommend Adam and his team!

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        It’s simply impossible to not have fun!?

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