confetti cannon

End the night with a bang of confetti. Shower your guests in a sustained cloud of confetti available in a variety of colours.

Fill the Air

Mark the highlights of your event with our confetti cannon hire! Snaptured has everything you need to keep your party going all day and night long. With our confetti cannon hire, your special moments are made better with bursts of sound and colour. Perfect for weddings, graduations, celebrations, award nights, sporting events, gender reveal and birthdays.

Biodegradable options available. At Snaptured, we care about your events representing your values, including your eco-conscious footprint. When you choose our confetti cannon hire, you can choose a biodegradable option for an event that’s both sustainable and sensational.

Let it rain confetti

From metallic foil that shimmers in the air to soft and bright paper confetti, Snaptured has got you covered. As your confetti cannon hire, we offer various confetti options to suit every occasion and preference. Whether you want to evoke excitement with a loud bang and flash of colour or let confetti rain down gently for dramatic effect, our confetti cannon hire can do it all.

Our metallic foil confetti adds a touch of glamour and sparkle, creating a dazzling display that works perfectly at night or in dimmed venues. On the other hand, our soft and bright paper confetti can bring a whimsical and vibrant atmosphere to any celebration. Moreover, our biodegradable paper confetti is ideal for outdoor celebrations, making clean-up easy and environmentally friendly.

At Snaptured, we understand that each event is unique, and that’s why our confetti cannon hire services are customisable to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re planning a lively concert, a sophisticated wedding or a fun-filled birthday bash, our confetti cannons are designed to enhance the magic of the moment.

Let the celebration unfold with Snaptured’s confetti cannon hire — where every pop is a burst of joy, and every confetti cannon blasts a shower of unforgettable memories.

Confetti cannons

Confetti cannons are the ideal way to upgrade your event. How so? Here are some of the advantages your event gets with a confetti cannon hire:

  • Picturesque event — Every burst from our confetti cannons creates picturesque moments, turning ordinary snapshots into extraordinary memorabilia. They look especially great in tandem with lighting, which Snaptured can also handle for you.
  • Bursts of excitement — Experience the thrill as our confetti cannons unleash bursts of excitement, filling the air with vibrant colours and creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration at any time.
  • Impact and versatility — The impact of confetti cannons is undeniable, adding a dynamic and versatile element to your event. Whether it’s a loud and energetic burst or a gentle rain of confetti, our cannons can be tailored to suit any occasion.
  • Branding opportunity — Take advantage of a unique branding opportunity with confetti that matches event-specific designs or brand colours, and turn each burst into a memorable and branded instant for your event.

And when you choose Snaptured’s biodegradable confetti, you don’t have to worry about post-event clean-up! 

Our confetti cannon hire

Wondering how they work? Our confetti cannons consist of a pressurised chamber, confetti storage and a triggering mechanism. By releasing pressure rapidly, the confetti cannon propels the confetti into the air.

Rest assured, our confetti cannons are safe for all events, and we make sure to adjust settings so they are optimised for your event venue. When you choose Snaptured as your confetti cannon hire, we can coordinate all your event’s special effects with your theme.

Ready to have some fun?

If you’re ready to level up your event, look no further than us — your ultimate partner for every special occasion! Discover why Snaptured won several awards for our top-notch services and how we became one of Australia’s top entertainment and special effects hires with our confetti cannon hire in Brisbane.

Don’t settle for the ordinary, and add a distinctive and creative touch to your celebration decorations. For more information, a consultation or a quote, feel free to contact us at 0413 449 448 or online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different occasions and events suitable for using a confetti cannon hire?

Confetti cannons are incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of occasions and events. Some popular settings include weddings, birthdays, concerts, sporting events, corporate parties, product launches, parades and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Essentially, any event where you want to add a burst of excitement and visual spectacle can benefit from using confetti cannons.

Are there specific recommendations for using a confetti cannon at weddings?

They’re ideally used for highlighting key moments during a wedding. When you choose Snaptured as your confetti cannon hire, you can work together with our team to perfectly set and time confetti cannons during your Wedding ceremony, reception or after-party.

How can confetti cannons enhance graduations and celebrations?

Confetti cannons bring graduations and other milestone events to another level. As graduates toss their caps, a confetti cannon release can amplify the festive atmosphere, creating a stunning visual display that marks the significance of the occasion. The vibrant colours and energetic burst of confetti contribute to the overall excitement, making the celebration even more memorable and photograph-worthy.

With Snaptured’s biodegradable options, our confetti cannon hire is the best option for both indoor and outdoor graduation ceremonies.

Can customers choose custom colours or confetti types for their events?

Absolutely! We understand that each event is unique, and personalisation is key. Customers have the freedom to choose custom colours that match their event theme or branding. Additionally, our confetti cannon hire offers a diverse range of types to meet your needs and preferences. Simply get in touch with us to discuss the perfect combination for your event!