LED Trees

Create Impact with this exceptional hand crafted visually stunning LED Maple Trees.

Light Up The Party

Our LED trees are RGBW which allows the 2100 individual LEDS to change to any colour. Complete with party function modes our trees are perfect for weddings, corporate events, graduations, parties, award nights and activations.

Why not hang a neon from our Tree?

Uplighting Options

Fill the room with ambiance with our uplighting options. Ask about our LED Tree, Neon and uplighting package.

Ready to have some fun?

If you're ready to level up your event, look no further than us — your ultimate partner for every special occasion! Discover why Snaptured won several awards for our top-notch services and how we became one of Australia’s top entertainment and special effects hires in Brisbane.

Don’t settle for the ordinary, and add a distinctive and creative touch to your celebration decorations with our indoor fireworks for parties in Brisbane. For more information, a consultation or a quote, feel free to contact us at 0413 449 448 or online.

Something EXTRA? View Packages

Something EXTRA? View Packages