Dancing On Clouds

Make your first dance look like its straight out of a fairy tale! Used from dry ice, this top of the range machine creates a special effect
that hugs the floor.

Magic Moments

Dancing on Clouds is a special effect, accomplished by utilizing dry ice which, when loaded into a high end machine produces a thick white cloud of smoke resembling, well, a cloud!


WHAT IS DRY ICE FOG? Dry ice fog is a thick, dense, low-lying fog created exactly the way fog in nature is created, by condensing water vapor out of the atmosphere. We use dry ice (the solid form of carbon dioxide) to condense the water vapor out of the air.

HOW DOES IT COMPARE WITH OTHER TYPES OF FOG MACHINES? Dry ice will not rise, since it is heavier than air. It will cover the ground, roll down stairs, and swirl if walked through. It will not rise into light beams like glycol type foggers and will not make a fine mist in the air like hazers. Dry ice fog has no odor, contains no chemical, and leaves no oily residue

How LONG WILL IT LAST? Depends on the size of the room, if its outdoors will disperse quicker. But a general rule of thumb, approx. 3-5 minutes of continuous fog from the machine.

Ready to have some fun?

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