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How To Choose The Right Photo Booth For Your Next Event

If you’re hosting a big event, you naturally want memories of the night captured forever. While you can always hire a photographer, they can be expensive, and you can’t always guarantee they’ll get comprehensive photos of everyone attending. Plus, pictures captured by a photographer can often look forced and staged. You want your guests to look like they’re genuinely having fun! The best way to ensure all your guests get a photo and have fun while doing it is to hire a photo booth. Snaptured is specialists in photo booth hire. Our booths are award-winning, and our dedication to our customers is infamous. We have a couple of photo booth options to choose from, so we’ve come up with a few advantages to each photo booth to help you select the perfect one for your event.

The Open Photo Booth

The open photo booth is likely the one that comes to mind when you picture a modern photo booth. They usually stand in front of a beautiful backdrop, and your guests can go and get photos as they please. There are several advantages to choosing an open photo booth.

  • Customisable backdrop. Whether you want flowers, a block colour, glittery curtains, or foliage, you can have whatever background you desire. Maybe the venue has its own unique backdrop. Options are endless but either way you’ll guarantee to make a statement.
  • Take group photos. Traditional photo booths were cramped and tiny. You’d be hard-pressed fitting two people inside, let alone a group of friends. When you rent an open photo booth, you can grab the whole gang for a few photos! Our record stands at 24. Challenge accepted? 
  • Have props on-hand. As the open photo booth stays put, you can have a box of fun hats, signs, and props close to hand so your guests can take a few wacky photos! Based on our experience, we’ve found that the pictures get more creative as the night goes on. If you’re doing a themed birthday party photo booth, try stocking up on themed props that match your backdrop and decorations. 


The Mirror Photo Booth

The latest in photo booth technology, it seems like everyone wants to hire a mirror photo booth for their next big event. To make sure our customers have access to the highest-quality photo booth technology, the Snaptured team made sure to add a mirror photo booth to our range. Here are a few advantages to hiring a mirror photo booth.

  • A new meaning to selfies. Imagine if your mirror at home could snap a selfie of you when you’re at your cutest. That’s pretty much exactly what the mirror photo booth does! You don’t need to press any buttons; just work out a pose that suits and let the interactive mirror do the rest.
  • Make it work with your theme. If your decorations are all very classy and chic, the last thing you want is a big ugly photo booth in the room. The mirror photo booth allows you to incorporate a frame that matches your event aesthetic perfectly. 
  • You can get digital and physical prints. While we all love a good printed photo to add to a diary, scrapbook, or corkboard, digital images are far more practical in the modern era. Luckily, the mirror photo booth does both. 
  • Did you say games?  Yep that’s right this mirror has its own games for those guests that hate speeches.

The Roaming Photo Booth

People love the roaming photo booths for their convenience and versatility, and we knew plenty of our customers would love the freedom they get from these booths. The advantages to the roaming photo booth include;

  • It’ll go wherever you go. You can walk around your event space, taking the camera with you! This is fantastic for ensuring you capture the whole event, not just the guests. 
  • Everyone can participate. If any of your guests are elderly or unable to get over to your open or mirror photo booth, you can bring the roaming photo booth to them. You’ll be sure to get incredible pictures with absolutely everyone. 
  • Ideal for any type of event. No matter where you’re hosting your party, the roaming photo booth is perfect. Outdoors or indoors, small gatherings or large parties; this photo booth is incredibly versatile. 

Looking For A Photo Booth? Give Snaptured A Call

When you need to hire a photo booth, Snaptured has you covered. Since 2016, we’ve been supplying south-east Queensland with the highest-quality event equipment at the best prices. We love helping our customers create a night (or day!) they’ll never forget. We work hard to create custom party solutions that suit the needs and budget of each of our customers. If you’re keen to rent a photo booth for your next event, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

    Our smiling customers say it all

    Snaptured was an incredible photo booth service for our wedding and they are also so affordable. They went above and beyond to make our night so special, and we are so grateful. Couldn’t recommend enough!

    Tayla Dillon

    Fantastic service!! We had a photo booth for our engagement party and it was great! The two attendants were professional and friendly, nothing was a problem for them. Fun range of props. Would definitely recommend!!

    Amber Ship

    Absolutely amazing addition to our wedding night! The service was exceptional, not a single fault at all, such an easy process from start to finish and the guest book they provided is amazing! 100% recommended to anyone.

    Thomas Poole

    Having Snaptured at your event lifts the fun game! Not only is it an awesome record of the nights fun and games, something to look back on - an actual print on the fridge and to be pinned next to your work computer. SO MUCH FUN.

    Tanya Allan

    The Photo Booth contributed to a fantastic celebration. Our guests were so into it and the book of snapshots we got to keep afterwards is priceless. Great service. Definitely recommend Adam and his team!

    Melinda Zerner

    It’s simply impossible to not have fun!?

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