The Ball Pit

We all LOVE a ball pit

A ball pit photo booth is a creative and fun twist on traditional photo booths, incorporating a ball pit into the experience. It combines the nostalgia and playfulness of a ball pit with the modern trend of photo booths to create a unique attraction at events like weddings, parties, and corporate functions. Here’s what you need to know about ball pit photo booths:



Key Features

  1. Ball Pit: The central feature is a pit filled with colorful plastic balls, similar to those found in children’s play areas. The pit can vary in size and is designed to accommodate a few people at a time.
  2. Photo Booth Setup: A camera setup, positioned directly above you captures everything in a unique perceptive
  3. Props: Choose your colour balls add a few blow up props.
  4. Instant Prints and Digital Sharing: Guests can receive instant printouts of their photos and have the option to share them digitally via social media or email.

How It Works

  1. Entering the Booth: Guests enter the ball pit, via any side
  2. Posing for Photos: Guests can play and pose among the balls, using props provided to create fun and memorable photos.
  3. Taking Photos: The camera takes pictures  automatically at set intervals. See the action live as it happens on a TV screen.
  4. Receiving Photos: Photos  printed instantly and/or shared digitally, allowing guests to take home a memento or share their experience online.


  1. Interactive Fun: The ball pit adds an element of play and excitement, encouraging guests to be more animated and have fun.
  2. Memorable Experience: The unique setup creates memorable and often humorous photos that stand out from traditional photo booth pictures.
  3. Versatility: Ball pit photo booths can be customized to fit various event themes and sizes.

Ideal Events

  • Weddings: Adds a playful touch to the reception, providing entertainment for guests of all ages.
  • Birthday Parties: Especially popular at children’s parties but also enjoyed by adults.
  • Corporate Events: A fun way to engage employees or guests and create shareable content for social media.
  • Festivals and Fairs: Attracts attendees looking for unique photo opportunities.
  • Activations: Create brand exposure.


  • Space Requirements: Ball pits require more space than traditional photo booths, so ensure your venue can accommodate it.
Made from white high gloss finish. This ever-popular open-air photo booth is a hit at any celebration and fits in seamlessly with any event. Traditional twist on the classic photo booth, this is all about being seen.


Add Custom Decals to the side of the ball pit.

Choose your colour balls to match your theme or brand colours.

Studio Lighting and Coloured Pixel Tube to set the scene. 


Unlimited Photo Sessions

Unlimited use for hire duration

Instant Printing

Unlimited double prints

Custom Templates

Custom print outs to your specifications

Tailored Props

Styled perfectly for your event

Studio Quality Images

Captured with Studio Lighting and DSLR Camera

Protected Online Gallery

Password protected, download all images

Ball Colour Choice

Choose from our selection of colours


Your dedicated host to keep the fun flowing.

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What makes the Diamond Package ideal for weddings?

The Diamond Package is designed with weddings in mind, featuring romantic touches like light-up letters, a "Dance on Clouds" effect for your first dance and Sparkulars for that fairy-tale sparkle. It’s ideal for couples wanting to add magical elements to their big day.

What's included in the Ruby, Belle and Emerald Packages that make them suitable for birthdays?

The Ruby Package brings vibrant fun with light-up numbers and a balloon garland, ideal for milestone birthdays. The Belle Package adds a touch of elegance with "Dance on Clouds" and light-up letters, while the Emerald Package turns any birthday into the coolest party ever with a DJ, custom signage and photo booth fun.

Are the packages customisable according to our event's specific needs?

Yes, each package is designed to be flexible and can be customised to suit your event’s unique requirements. Whether it's adding more hours to the photo booth hire or increasing the number of light-up features, we’re here to tailor the package to your needs.

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