360 Video booth

Discover[a] the ultimate event upgrade with our premium 360 video booth! This high-tech video booth captures every angle in stunning detail, making your guests the stars of their cinematic experience.

Perfect for any occasion, it’s designed to impress and engage. Get ready to make unforgettable memories with a touch of Hollywood glamour!


Show off your 360 Dance Moves

A 360° Booth is a revolutionary tool for capturing events, parties, corporate activations or special occasions in an entirely new way. It transports you into a dynamic, fully immersive environment, where you can become the star of the show.

Spin and groove as the camera circles around you, creating a stunning visual record of your performance that feels like a professional music video. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just breaking out some fun moves, the 360 video booth makes every twirl and step look amazing, allowing you to relive the excitement and energy of your dance moments time and again.


How Does It Work?

Feel like you’re straight out of Hollywood as you step up onto light up LED platform on our 360 video booth. Get ready for your best moves. The 360 camera will begin to rotate around you in a full 360 degree circle. After you finish, visit the social station to view and share your video instantly.

Slow motion

Capture every detail with the slow-motion feature. Watch every smile, twirl and laugh in slow motion, creating a cinematic effect. It’s perfect for reliving those epic moments with a melodramatic flair!

Fast forward

Speed things up with the fast-forward option. This playful setting speeds up your video, packing all the fun and action into a delightful, quick sequence. It’s a humorous way to recap your moves and is guaranteed to get lots of laughs when shared.


Keep the fun coming back with the boomerang option. This feature loops your video back and forth, creating an endlessly entertaining visual ideal for capturing dynamic moves. It’s especially great for social media, where quick, eye-catching content reigns supreme.

Discover the features of our 360 video booth

Custom video & music overlay designs

Add a splash of magic to your event with a 360 video booth! We specialise in creating custom video and music overlays that perfectly match the theme and vibe of your special occasion. Whether it’s a fairytale wedding or a sleek corporate gathering, our tailor-made overlays bring a personal touch that wows your guests.

Live feed capabilities

Broadcast to TVs for extra engagement! Our 360 video booths can stream event footage to TVs throughout your venue, ramping up the fun and ensuring everyone feels part of the action. This feature is fantastic for maintaining high energy and engagement, allowing all your guests to enjoy close-up shots and epic moments, even from afar.

RGBW light-up platform

Step onto a dazzling stage with our RGBW light-up platform! This eye-catching feature illuminates each video shoot with vibrant colours and dynamic lighting effects, setting the perfect scene for your guests to shine. Whether they’re striking a pose or dancing the night away, the customisable lighting can match your event’s colour scheme or shift through a rainbow of hues to keep the energy high.


Make it unmistakably yours! Each 360 video booth is fully brandable, offering a fantastic opportunity to reinforce your brand identity throughout the event. From custom skins and logos on the booth itself to branded videos that guests can share on social media, every element can be tailored to highlight your brand. This feature is perfect for corporate events, product launches or any occasion where brand visibility is key.

Optional props

Elevate your 360 video booth experience with our selection of optional props designed to inject fun and flair into every video. Choose from fancy hats, funky sunglasses and colourful feather boas to enhance the visual appeal, customisable signs and frames for personalised messages or fun inflatables to encourage playful interactions.

Ready to have some fun?

If you’re ready to level up your event, look no further than us — your ultimate partner for every special occasion! Discover why Snaptured won several awards for our top-notch services and how we became one of Australia’s top entertainment and special effects hires in Brisbane.

Don’t settle for the ordinary, and add a distinctive and creative touch to your celebration decorations with a 360 video booth and indoor fireworks for parties in Brisbane. For more information, a consultation or a quote, feel free to contact us at 0413 449 448 or online.

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What is a 360 video booth?

360 video booth is an innovative tool that captures 360-degree videos of event participants on a light-up LED platform. It provides a fully immersive experience, allowing guests to be the star of their own cinematic video, complete with custom effects and dynamic camera movements.

How does the 360 video booth work?

Guests step onto a light-up LED platform while a camera rotates around them in a full 360-degree circle. You can customise your video with effects like slow motion, fast forward or boomerang. After the session, they can immediately view and share their video at the social station.

What are the key features of the 360 video booth?

Key features include custom video and music overlay designs, live feed capabilities to broadcast footage, RGBW light-up platform for vibrant, dynamic lighting and full branding options for corporate visibility. Additionally, there are a variety of optional props like hats, boas and inflatable accessories to enhance the fun.

Why should I have the 360 video booth at my event?

The booth is perfect for anyone wanting to add a unique and memorable element to their event, including weddings, corporate functions, parties and special occasions. It’s designed to engage guests and create shareable content that captures the energy and excitement of the event.

Can the 360 video booth be customised for specific events?

Absolutely! The booth can be fully branded with logos and themes, making it ideal for product launches, corporate events, and promotional activities. The video overlays and platform lighting can also be customised to align with the event’s theme or colour scheme.