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Guest books have long been a cherished tradition to commemorate a special occasion, whether a wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration. Yet, even traditions are evolving in this fast-paced digital world. At Snaptured, we’re delighted to present our audio guest books in Australia to make your special day count.

The evolution of guest books

Guest books have been a long-standing tradition to capture the essence of a special event. Be it a wedding, a hotel lobby or a quaint bed-and-breakfast — guest books allowed visitors to leave a piece of themselves behind. These signatures, heartfelt notes and well-wishes penned on crisp pages served as timeless mementos to cherish for many years to come. 

Now that the world has grown increasingly digitised, how we cherish memories has also changed. At Snaptured, we’ve recognised this shift and introduced a refreshing twist to the traditional guest book. While classic guest books have a timeless charm, our audio guest books in Australia are a modern, interactive and profoundly personal experience for guests to play a part in.

What are audio guest books?

Our audio guest books in Australia are a modern take on the traditional guest book concept where guests at an event or gathering can leave a message for the hosts or organisers. Instead of signing a physical book, guests can record a message by picking up the phone.

The magic of personalisation

One of the standout features of our audio guest books in Australia is their incomparable level of personalisation. Unlike traditional guest books, where your message may be lost among countless pages of written messages, audio guest books ensure that your voice is heard and cherished forever. They also provide a unique and interactive element to your event, making it more engaging and memorable for everyone involved.

An emotional connection

Our audio guest books in Australia forge deep emotional connections by preserving not just words but the very essence of the speaker. It’s a heartwarming gift for the hosts and guests to cherish.

A special moment to share on many occasions

Our audio guest books in Australia aren’t limited to any specific event. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide array of occasions:

  • Weddings

In the whirlwind of a wedding day, it’s easy to miss the sentiments of each of your guests. Our audio guest books in Australia preserve every warm wish for eternity. That way, three months into marriage or even years later, on your wedding anniversary, you can play back your audio messages and reminisce about your special day. 

  • Corporate events

From team-building retreats to large-scale conferences, planning a corporate event can come with great pressure to top your last event and receive positive employee feedback. Our audio guest books in Australia provide a unique way for attendees to leave a sentimental message. Whether it’s an employee’s work anniversary, farewell party, work Christmas party or team social, add a special touch to your celebrations so colleagues can leave heartfelt messages to reflect on. 

  • Birthdays

Birthdays come and go and are often marked by photos with loved ones and written cards that may be filed away and forgotten. Particularly for those milestone birthdays like the 18th, 21st or 50th, why not commemorate the day with our audio guest books in Australia? That way, you or your loved one can go back and hear the heartfelt messages and well wishes from each of the beloved guests.

How does it work?

If you’re concerned that our audio guest books in Australia will be too tricky or complicated for your guests, it’s as easy as following the below steps:


  1. Guests pick up the phone and hear a pre recorded message from the couple.
  2. Leave your heartfelt or funny voice message.
  3. When finished simply hang up and the phone will automatically record your message.
  4. Recording downloaded and delivered via a link post event.

Add a personal touch to your event with our audio guest books in Australia


At Snaptured, our audio guest books in Australia are a testament to the evolution of cherished traditions in the digital age. They blend the nostalgia of the past with the innovation of the present to create an unforgettable experience that will connect your guests. The emotional connections they foster and the memories they preserve are nothing short of priceless.

So, if you’re looking to make your event truly memorable, look no further than our audio guest books in Australia. Our modern spin on the age-old tradition of guest books will allow you and your guests to share fond memories and bond over your special occasion. From photo booth services to 360 videos and more, we have a range of fun services to bring you and your guests together. If you have any questions, contact our team, who would be happy to help.


What is an audio guest book, and how does it work?

Our audio guest books in Australia are a modern twist on the traditional guest book concept, where guests can leave a message to hosts or organisers at an event or gathering. Instead of signing a physical book, guests can record a message by taking the following steps:

  • Guests pick up the phone and hear a pre-recorded message from the host.
  • The guest responds with a heartfelt or funny voice message.
  • When finished, simply hang up, and the phone will automatically record the message.
  • The recording is downloaded and delivered via a link post-event.


Which types of events are audio guest books commonly used for besides weddings?

Our audio guest books in Australia are incredibly versatile for various events beyond weddings. They are increasingly popular for milestone birthdays, retirement parties, corporate events and family reunions. They allow attendees to leave heartfelt messages, memories or well wishes in audio format, creating a treasured keepsake for the honoree or event organiser to look back on fondly.

Whether it’s a 50th-anniversary celebration or a farewell gathering for a colleague, audio guest books offer a unique way to capture and preserve the voices and memories from that special day to last a lifetime.

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