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5 Incredible Backdrops For Your Wedding Photo Booth

If you’re looking to hire a wedding photo booth, you’ve no doubt been doing your research and trying to find the perfect backdrop for all your photos. Snaptured have been supplying photo booths and wedding special effects to our customers in south-east Queensland since 2016. In that time, we’ve seen plenty of breathtaking photo booth backdrops that made our customers’ photos look incredible. Here are a few of our favourite wedding photo booth backdrops and some ideas on how to make them pop.

Metallic Backdrop - Snaptured

(Image source: DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash) This gold metallic background would look amazing lit up with wedding event lighting.

The Metallic Backdrop

Using metal colours such as gold, silver, and rose gold look amazing in wedding photo booth backdrops. To set it off, try incorporating the following special effects.

  • Wedding light up letters. Whether you’re spelling out your names, creating the word ‘love’, or doing some variation of ‘Mr & Mr’, ‘Mr & Mrs’, or ‘Mrs & Mrs’, light up letters look impressive in front of a metallic backdrop. The glowing letters will reflect beautifully, making for a spectacular photo. 
  • Wedding event lighting. If you plan your event lighting carefully, you can make your metallic backdrop glow in each of your photos, illuminating your guests.


The Floral Backdrop

Floral backdrops are simple, classy, and they make for adorable photos you can treasure forever. Try some of the following techniques for creating a gorgeous wedding photo booth backdrop.

  • Full flower wall. If you’re looking for a background with impact, you can’t go wrong with an entire wall of flowers. If you’re looking to keep expenses down, try renting a faux flower backdrop. 
  • Rustic flower wall. Build a wooden backdrop and glue some flowers in a simple, draping pattern around the edges for a minimal, magical look to your wedding photo booth. 
  • Flower garland. A large garland with bouquets attached is a trendy choice for modern weddings. You can add some wedding light up letters below your garland for more depth. 
Wedding Photo Booth for Hire

(Image source: Annie Spratt on Unsplash) If your wedding theme is more rustic, this lovely backdrop would look amazing in your wedding photo booth.

(Image source: The Blowup on Unsplash) The right wedding event lighting can illuminate your curtain backdrop and create some incredible photos.

The Curtain Backdrop

Sometimes, you want to cut away the extravagance and have a simple background that matches the colour palette of your wedding. Enter the curtain backdrop. You can organise to have it in whatever colour you’d like, and with these handy tips for wedding special effects, you can make it look stunning.

  • Wedding event lighting. The right light on your curtain backdrop can bring up the gorgeous colour and give depth to your photographs. Venue uplighting is perfect for adding a little touch of class to any curtain.   
  • Smoke machine. A wedding smoke machine can add an air of mystery and magic, with the fog swirling around your guests as they take their photos.

The Couch Backdrop

When we say to use a couch as a backdrop, think of the opening credits to ‘Friends’. A simple, vintage sofa can add so much personality to your photos, and it helps your guests relax and take great candid shots. Try using the following wedding special effects to take your photo booth to the next level.

  • A wedding dry ice machine. Much like the curtain background, a dry ice machine adds an air of mystery and intrigue to your photos. Paired with the old couch, it’ll make your photos seem almost otherworldly. 
  • Wedding confetti cannons. Imagine it, you and your closest friends all sitting on the couch as the bright confetti cannons go off showering you all in colourful confetti. It’d make for an incredible shot. 

To nail your photos using the couch background, try hiring a wedding mirror photo booth. It allows you to see yourself as clearly as you would in a mirror so that you can pose just right for the perfect shot.

(Image source: Alice Yamamura on Unsplash) The vintage couch adds plenty of personality and class to your wedding photo booth.

The Dangling Lights Backdrop - Snaptured

(Image source: Benjamin Wong on Unsplash) Out of focus fairy lights would make an incredibly romantic backdrop to your wedding photo booth.

The Dangling Lights Backdrop

When you rent a wedding photo booth, you no doubt want your photos to turn out spectacularly. A backdrop incorporating hanging fairy lights is sure to get you images of your friends and family that you can treasure forever. The glowing bulbs in the background are timeless, classic, and they look magical when slightly out of focus.

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