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The Ins and Outs Of Smoke Machines

Most people have been to an event with a smoke machine. Whether it was a primary school blue light disco, a theatre performance, or at someone’s birthday, you’ve likely been enchanted by ethereal (and sometimes spooky) effects of a smoke machine. At Snaptured, we’re proud to hire dry ice smoke machines to Aussie party and event planners for affordable prices. We’re experts when it comes to this stuff and here is some of that information to share with you.

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How Do Smoke Machines Work?

Have you ever sat back watching a smoke machine and wondered how it works? You wouldn’t be the only one! At Snaptured, we work with smoke machines every single day, so we have a pretty good understanding of their internal workings.

  • Smoke machines don’t create smoke. Instead, smoke machines create fog. The difference between fog and smoke is that smoke tends to fill the room, whereas the fog created by a smoke machine will fall to the floor.
  • Using a smoke machine is a chemistry lesson. Smoke machines work when dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) is combined with warm or hot water. The contact with the water causes the dry ice to undergo sublimation. In other words, it turns into its gaseous form, which is the fog we love so much. 
  • Fog moves in an otherworldly manner. Because the fog seeks to drop to a lower level, it will naturally move around the room; flowing across the floor, down staircases, and intertwining between the feet of dancers and party-goers. 


5 Events Made Better With Smoke Machines

While we can think of about a dozen events in which a smoke machine would look incredible, we’ve narrowed it down to a list of our top five.

  • Murder mystery party. There’s nothing like a classic ‘Who Dun It’ for a night of fun with friends, especially if everyone is getting into character and dressing up. It’s easy to picture everyone in 1920s costumes wandering through the room thick with smoke on the floor, trying to figure out who the murderer is…
  • Birthday parties. Whether your party is themed or a simple, classic party with friends, there is nothing quite like a smoke machine to create a magical effect on the dance floor. 
  • Halloween parties. Smoke machines add a touch of creepy character to Halloween parties. The hazy smoke fits so nicely with cobwebs and gory decorations. 
  • Hens/bucks nights. Your betrothed friend deserves one final blow-out as an unmarried person, and nothing adds to the atmosphere of hens or bucks night quite like a smoke machine.
  • Weddings. When the married couple come out for their first dance, a smoke machine can create a magical cloud dancing around their feet. It makes for stunning photographs and beautiful memories. 
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Things To Consider Before Using A Smoke Machine

While smoke machines are generally pretty safe to use, there are some important safety considerations to keep in mind when you rent a smoke machine through Snaptured.

  • Always use gloves when handling dry ice. Shockingly, dry ice is cold. It’s cold enough to cause burns and frostbite when mishandled, so make sure you’re wearing a pair of protective gloves.   
  • Make sure to crack a window. Dry ice is just solidified carbon dioxide, so if left to fill the room, it will remove oxygen from that environment. Make sure there is a good airflow in the room and advise your guests to go outside regularly for fresh air. 
  • Dry ice will melt quickly. Unfortunately, dry ice isn’t renowned for its durability. Unless adequately insulated, it will lose volume very quickly. 

Contact Snaptured If You’re Looking To Hire A Smoke Machine

Since 2016, Snaptured has been helping people create their dream events using special effects. We offer customisable packages to suit everyone’s needs and budgets, so no matter what you’re celebrating, we can help you create a party to remember. If you’re looking to rent a smoke machine, contact Snaptured today and find out what we can do for you.

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