Why You Should Take More Pictures

Oct 4, 2022 | 0 comments

It’s a cold rainy night. You are laying on your bed, about to sleep but scrolling through your phone before retiring for the day. You haven’t been having the best days so far, and you are made hyper-aware of this every time you open your phone and social media. Everyone looks happy. Not a frown in sight or a complaint in place. This contrasts vividly with your reality. You feel sad, but sigh as you turn the phone off. It’s a rat race but other rats are happier than you. You drift off to sleep thinking about how much everyone else seems to be having a better time than you. Maybe tomorrow, you will have your own fun?

As hard as this is to believe; a lot of people on earth feel this way. With the pervasiveness of social media and how much is immortalised on it through pictures, many people seem to think that other people have it better than them. There is an immense urge to perform, and many consider this to be a pathology of society. The irony of it? People are so lost in the fact that many others are in this performative dance that they do not consider that there are actually billions of other pictures online where people are actually happy. They consider the thought of taking pictures a stain on their person, but they do not really realise what they are missing. 

Why You Should Take More Pictures

There is the indisputable fact that many people take pictures for many reasons. People take pictures at graduations, at weddings, at dinners, when out with friends, on vacation, when inside, and even when they aren’t feeling so good. Those people with so many of them know how important these captures are to them. As a person who doesn’t take pictures much, you might be sceptical of the action, especially if you do not consider yourself photogenic. In this article, we would be exploring the various reasons why we think you should take more pictures. Some might be sentimental, but some are incredibly good reasons you definitely should consider;

  1. It builds your self-image

Many people consider taking pictures to boost confidence a shallow affair. These people are incredibly judgemental people who have no idea how the most confident people got their assertiveness. Don’t misunderstand us though. We would never suggest that you build your confidence through external validation. However, consider this. Many public speakers started their journey by preparing and practising speeches in a mirror and on video, replaying this video and watching how they could adjust their gestures to look more impressive. With time, they eventually got confident enough to try in public because they did not have to worry about their perception and reception. This same principle applies here. 

Many people aren’t very confident in their looks so they avoid taking pictures altogether. This is only exacerbating self-esteem issues. When you take pictures, you are more likely to get familiar with your looks to the extent that you would not have to worry about how you look ever again. It’s a journey, a wonderful experience you would be thankful for as you grow. Years from now, you would notice how camera-shy you looked when you started taking pictures and how you progressed to be vivacious and lively in them. You would be proud of how far you’ve come. 

  1. Taking pictures immortalises good memories and people

Is it your wedding or your graduation? An anniversary or an outing? Pictures help you to immortalise your best memories by giving you something to fall back on when you forget. Oh, and forgetfulness is a hazard. The saddest part of life is that you could have the most vivid memories with someone and when you stay away from that person for so long, your brain would eventually struggle to form exact images of that person in your mind. Pictures are the band-aid to this problem. With them on hand, you aren’t likely to forget anything or anyone of worth. 

  1. Pictures make you feel good

People are more likely to remember negative times than they do remember positive times. This is an actual proven theory, and is coined “negativity bias”. It describes the inclination of we as human beings to give more precedence to negative experiences than positive or neutral experiences, even then the consequences are not as significant as they could be. When we fall into this trap, it affects our quality of life and we may be blind to the fact that we actually do have more bad times than good. Taking pictures of your happy moments, even when you aren’t going to post them, is important. You need to be able to take a step back when you feel overwhelmed and look at your numerous pictures like “Wow. I actually do have so many good times”.

  1. For communicating

Pictures are a big deal in today’s world, especially on social media. If you are going to keep in touch with old friends and family over long distances, the best way to do it is by frequently sending pictures of how things are going with you to them. When they exchange pictures with you too, it would feel like you are still close to them. This is a good way to nurture long-distance relationships, and it shows your commitment to keeping the relationship afloat. 

  1. Pictures make you more aware of your environment

Picture taking is an art and like all arts, it requires you to have an appreciation for visual effects. It is a deep and vivid experience that makes you appreciate more about the world around you and how you engage with it. You may not feel that way at first but after a while you will begin to appreciate how much picture-taking makes you hyper aware of your surroundings. The best photographers are not people who listlessly move through life. When you understand this, the pictures you take will be more appealing.

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