Getting A Photo Booth For Your Next Party

May 26, 2022 | 0 comments

Storytelling is a beautifully inimitable art — an alluring way to immortalize events, convey perspectives and trigger emotions. Lovely as the art seems though, it presents as a concept that would have been far more evolved, had pictures been invented earlier in history. 

Pictures tell stories better than anything else, and this probably, is why they permeate deeply and richly even into the fringes of modern society, allowing everyone and anyone to walk through a lush verdant of memories while navigating feelings of nostalgia, happiness, sadness and joy.

Smartphones and electronic devices have become so commonplace though, and the once-electrifying experience of posing with friends and family at events has nearly lost its thrill. In what way then, are we more likely to savour picture-taking experiences with our friends?

The Photo Booth

Photo booths come to mind, a relic of a not-so-distant past in which things were simpler, the air was fresher and the clowns were happier. These are vending machines people go into to have their picture taken automatically, with added features to customize the photos if wanted. Quite a few things separate enjoyable events from colourless ones and the most pivotal of these metrics lies in how indelible an event is on the mind. 

Photo booths are a great idea for this very reason: they present an unorthodox, yet innovative way to get your guests into the mood and create beautiful memories that would not soon be forgotten. The world knows this, and this is why photo booths have seen an unprecedented revival in the past decade, opening more avenues for event planners, celebrants and guests to partake in an old magic that has endured since the late nineteenth century.

Why consider getting a photo booth?

Photo booths are truly versatile in the sense that they can be used in a variety of events for a variety of reasons. Wedding photo booths help the celebration of love achieve a certain transcendence, birthday photo booths help the guests get into the giddiness of goofy cheer, photo booths at company events help foster a sense of levity and gaiety amongst otherwise professional acquaintances. 

Whatever the event, whatever the reason, a photo booth hire provides added appeal to a party’s raison d’etre. There are a million reasons to justify renting a photo booth. Few of them are listed below: 

  • Enhances guest experience

Celebration implies merriment and revelry. Having a photo booth at your party enhances the guest experience by giving them the option of an impromptu photoshoot. Apart from this, it fosters interaction and amity, leaving your guests lightheaded from positivity and creating memories while at it. Photo booths also add to the theme of the event in some cases; you can only imagine the congruity and ease when a photo booth blends with a themed wedding reception.

  • Helps create brand awareness and  promotion

A company organizing a promotional event would do well to employ a photo booth service. Brand designs can be printed on pictures and folk who participate in the photoshoot would tie feelings associated with the photo booth experience to the brand. Printed designs are not the limit; there is room for marketing creativity to be explored in photo customization, backdrops, live galleries, etc. Photo booths have become digital and this can be exploited. Photos are available after capture in seconds and they can be uploaded in real time to companies’ social media pages 

  • Affordable

Organizing an event is hardly cheap. Anyone who has experience with this knows that things as little as food and decorations can inhale a lot of the available budget. Photo booth hire services usually charge hourly so you can be sure that there are arrangements in place for your guest to enjoy their utility for a given amount of time without unnecessary splurges on photographers.

  • It frees you to focus on the celebration

Being a celebrant is constantly trying to ensure your guests are enjoying themselves and that everything is going according to plan. With this in mind and with you walking all over the place trying to make things go right, taking pictures would be the last thing on your mind. A photo booth hire remedies that. The service sends a booth to your event with a service member that operates and regulates the utility of the booth for as long as agreed. 

  • Livens your party

Most pictures taken with a normal camera might look stiff especially if your guests are shy and not familiar with each other. With the use of a photo booth however, they are able to loosen up more and even attempt playful facial expressions for fun. 

The privacy created by a photo booth allows shy guests to take pictures without feeling pressured to join large group pictures or pose for the camera in front of others. An added bonus is if you’ve got picture freaks at your party. They would help create an atmosphere of jollity and this would be a great way to interact with others whilst creating memories which will not only last in their minds but also on paper.

  • Create memories

Need this be reiterated? Photo booths like every other camera or device with a camera helps in preserving the moment for eons in time to come. A photograph can last for an entire lifetime and even exist for more if taken care of properly. Herein lies the charm in immortalizing memories by taking pictures. Photo booth hire presents another added bonus here by making the memory more special by promoting gaiety and capturing the joy and fun you had that day or at that moment unadulterated. You and your guests do not have to rigidly pose for the pictures because most poses and styles go well. 


Since photo booths are quite affordable, you should consider hiring one for your next party. The versatility of these gimmicks have been communicated, and it does not matter the theme of the party, be it corporate parties, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, promotional events and so much more.

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