Easy Ways To Make Your Parties More Fun

May 26, 2022 | 0 comments

The only way to design parties is to do so with one thing as priority: to make sure all your guests have as much fun as possible. Now, fun is relative. For kids, their idea of the stuff invariably consists of gimmicks like clowns, bouncing castles, juices, and cakes. For adults, we crave music, pictures, alcohol, and of course the rare occasion to let out the suppressed goofiness inside us. 

When organizing a party, your target audience should be the ultimate guide (it would be out of line to share booze at an official function, for example). However, there are universal rules that ensure, no matter the audience, that your guests have the time of their lives at your event. Below are a few ideas you can implement:

  1. Incorporate costumes into the mix

Yes, costumes add thrill to every and any type of event possible. In a party for kids, the organization of a costume themed party helps to stimulate their imagination, giving them an opportunity to role-play as their favourite TV characters and role models. The same rings true for casual adult parties. 

As adults we are always so stressed out that we tend to value and appreciate the little moments we have to indulge our inner goofs. Even for formal parties like office parties, costume ideas aren’t exactly out of place. There are classy costumes that set the mood without being too garish. An innovative idea under this is a uniform swap. Workers in an office can come dressed as each other and awards could be given to the most accurate costumes. 

  1. You can never go wrong with food

It goes without saying that when organizing a party, you should make sure your guests have to be rolled out of the event on well-rounded stomachs. Food is very important but it is essential to stick to the central rule; tailor your appetizers to your audience.

If you feel like being adventurous, make sure you rein it in on some level. Err on the side of caution and provide your guests with a variety to pick from. You should plan with every eventuality in mind; the fact that some of your guests might be allergic, the fact that they might be vegan or the fact that they might not like the food at all. When the cravings of all guests are satisfied, you can be sure that your event would remain imprinted into their minds. 

  1. Introduce party games

Party games have been around for decades and they don’t seem to be running out of fashion any time soon. Refuse the urge to be an old wet blanket with trite, threadbare games like “truth or dare”. If you insist on playing commonplace games, it is important to add a fun twist to it. For example, instead of playing musical chairs, you can play musical hula hoops. Instead of playing charades, you can play reverse charades. 

You could also browse on the internet for various innovative games that would help you and your guest to both exercise, and have fun while you are at it. Another great idea is to separate everybody according to hobbies and then organize a tournament for each hobby. Dancers could have a dancing competition while gamers can have a gaming tournament. Everybody wins.

  1. Decorate innovatively

Decorations are always a part of parties, but the prevalent idea seems to be that there always should be an overcompensation in this regard. Bold decorations add life and flair to your party. But while throwing color and confetti around, be sure to do it in the most innovative way possible. A garish decoration technique would only assault the senses of your guests and that doesn’t help anybody in the long run. 

If you are a regular party planner and you have run out of ideas, remember that there is also beauty in simplicity. A lively crowd in an open but fashionably bland room would enjoy themselves more than the guests in an artfully decorated room that they cannot relate to. Bottom line, tailor your decoration to your audience, and if you are introducing novelties, give them reasons to see why you are a genius decorator. 

  1. Let the music complement the vibe

Nothing beats music. Absolutely nothing. It is the one thing on this list that can totally exist and liven up a party without the others. Doubt it? Take a stereo player into a crowded square, blast a beloved song into their midst, then sit back and watch total strangers vibe to the music without any food, decorations, games and the like. If music has such an influence on total strangers, what do you think it would do in a space of friends, family and acquaintances who all came to have fun. You should be careful with your choice of music however, do not play classical music for a crowd that wants to mosh. 

  1. Introduce more outlets for goof

The introduction of unprecedented material into the situation can liven up a party even more. Like a costume party would stimulate the imagination, you can add more to the rave by doing unexpected things; like inviting a celebrity, approaching a photo booth hire to help with the picture taking, documenting the whole thing, imposing a central theme, hiring a bouncing castle, turning the living room to a football field in the case of house parties, etc. There is a ton of material to pick from; your only limits are your budget and imagination.


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