Creative Concepts For Photo Booths

May 26, 2022 | 0 comments

What is a party without a theme? What is an event without a central concept? Apart from the obvious reason of defining a central idea through which guests can rally around and relate to, themes also foster amity, and help to brand and imprint new memories in perpetuity. 

Ponder on some of the most voguish annual parties and events; The Met Gala, Mardi Gras, Summerfest, etc. All of them, despite being diverse in nature, have the common feature of a central theme. The execution is noteworthy; the idea is mostly conveyed through the use of gimmicks that help the definition. From this, we see that the art of blending concepts into events is best done by imposing the ideas at the very grassroots, thereby building up the grander picture. 

Speaking of pictures, photo booths can be used as an example of one of such gimmicks. They are perfect for this “build-up” process, given the fact that they in themselves embody certain notions surrounding themed concepts. The very presence of a photo booth at an event gives off an air of nostalgic antiquity. If that’s not the aura you’re going for, you don’t have to stop there! Photo booths can be repurposed to perpetuate another idea; this is not uncommon. Hosts everywhere do this and it has officially attained rage-level attention. 

Popular concepts to co-opt 

The introduction of a theme into your photo booth is pretty easy. Success in this hinged extensively on the backdrop used. You also do not have to overcompensate in spending. What unnecessarily diverted funds would do, personal creativity and dexterity would do a lot better. Listed below are a few popular concepts that have saturated the market of photo booths:

  • The Chalkboard background

Think of this as a tunnel that further expands your reach and leads you into a whole new world of creativity. What makes this a beautiful choice is that, like a blank canvas, you can personally create a masterpiece of a background through this. 

You do not even have to think too much; the best renderings and scribbles are the ones done from the soul, in a natural state. Another great idea is to encourage your guests to put down scribblings of their own during captures. This transforms what was originally a blank canvas into a cherished memento.

  • The “Room of Quirk” photo booth

This one is personally named by us, because it is a photo booth that takes on many forms. The central idea is that a room is built around a certain quirk. An example of this is the rotating room booth. 

  • Backgrounds of Drapery

This kind of photo booth adornment is perfect for use in weddings. It gives off an aura of softness and would go well in tandem with the ruffles, gowns, chiffons and satin of the day. 

  • The Selfie Mirror Photo booth

This type of photo capture borrows heavily from the mainstream ritual of taking selfies in front of a regular mirror. Selfie mirrors on the other hand, are interactive smart devices that help to capture people, but without the use of smartphones. 

This type of mirror, given its interactive nature, comes with many functions like photo sharing, event documentation, live streaming, custom editing, etc. Guests can take pictures and edit it immediately afterwards, they can add various stickers and filters to their pictures, etc. This type of photo booth is perfect for sponsored events; the barns can even watermark pictures for advertisement. 

  • The Mirror photo booth

Think carnivals, amusement parks, and circuses. In these places, it is not uncommon to find attractions designated “The Hall of mirrors”. These are rooms where mirrors are placed in large numbers at strategic places, so people that go in are only able to see an endless reflection of themselves. 

Mirror photo booths co-opt this idea and apply it in construction of an immensely gratifying backdrop. Another type of this “mirrored room” concept can be seen in a Kaleidoscope-themed photo booth. This one differs from the mirrored room in that the picture is given a slight panoramic effect with dream-like elements. Needless to say, this is a really cool design to adopt for a photo booth. 

  • 360 Photo Booth

This photo booth guests step up and stand onto a solid platform. Then get ready for their best Hollywood red carpet moment. A HD camera spins 360 degrees around you capturing all your moves in real-time and slow motion. Add in some confetti and lights and you have instant brandable social media content. Guests can access their videos and post them to social media almost instantly creating the perfect storm for social media attention. 


As you can see, there are various ways in which you can creatively spice up the photo booth experience at your event. 

Even better, you do not have to create one for yourself. All you need to do is find a Photo booth hire Brisbane, and depending on how many options they have, you are able to use their booths at an agreed price. 

However, most photo booths made by amateurs aren’t really able to replicate the ideas they are built using, and this is why you should not shirk from exploring the wealth of multiplicity that photo booth hire Brisbane has.

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